The attention of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC has been drawn to a syndicated advertorial published in some sections of the media, on Monday, November 26, 208 titled, Deja Vu, EFCC Manipulates Court to Obtain Order, in which it was falsely alleged that “unrepentant officials of the anti-graft agency are at their tyrannical gimmicks”, in a case involving Jyde Adelakun, Managing Director, Torch of Fame, TOF Energy Company Limited, who is being investigated by the EFCC for an alleged $29 million fraud.

The paid advertorial, further made salacious and unsubstantiated claims that officials of the Commission in connivance with some international fraudsters are demanding for the sum of $800,000 from Adelakun, among other such false claims and accusations.

Let it be placed on the record that the EFCC operatives carry out their operations to international best standards, and this has engendered immeasurable cooperation between the anti-graft agency and international law enforcement agencies, in combating corrupt practices both at local and international levels.

Ordinarily, such unfounded claims deserve no response as they are obviously the tirades of a drowning man gnashing at straws to stay afloat. However, after considering the ridiculous claims in the advertorials, it has been deemed necessary to in the instance, shed some light on the allegation against Adelakun.

The case against Jyde Adelakun is a case of fraudulent funds transfer and obtaining funds under false pretence, which will soon be prosecuted in Court.

The fraud case involving him and some bank officials was reported to the Commission via a written petition from Templars Law Firm on behalf of Worldpay LLC based in the United States to the tune of $29 million.

Investigations revealed mind-boggling fraud that cut across various countries including Nigeria. The facts unearthed in the course of investigation this fraud case will all soon be laid bare in the Court.

The Commission, hereby, takes exception to the deliberate attempt by Adelakun and his cronies aimed at impugning the reputation of its teeming operatives toiling day and night to burnish the image of Nigeria, battered by the fraudulent activities of some.

The Commission, therefore enjoins the general public to dismiss the said advertorial in its entirety as there is no iota of truth in the said paid advert and Adelakun, rather than engage in malicious propaganda, should be ready to answer for his fraudulent deeds in the Court.

Media & Publicity

29th November, 2018